Whether you are a novice or long-time cook, here you will discover the ease of creating sophisticated dining experiences in your kitchen through use of the Flavor Tiers method.

Flavor Tiers reflects years of sometimes daring and many times disastrous cooking experiences. It explores dishes that appear on menus of fine dining restaurants as well as unique takes on recipes learned in Mom’s kitchen; dishes from street food stalls to chef’s kitchens from around the world, with all dishes having “flavor tiers” to bring out the absolute best taste. To complete your ability to entertain while serving complex meals, each blog includes wine and spirits pairings and music playlists.

While I am a long time cook, it wasn’t until I began extensive international travel that I began to understand truly incredible dishes happen when you start with one quality ingredient and then tier flavors one upon the other. Intense tastes are the artful blend of several taste, aromatic and visual tiers.

Engaging with chefs and cooks around the world provided a sense of the foundation of the “Flavor Tiers” method presented in Flavor Tiers. In Brunei, it was learning to make steamed whole fish with hot peppers and curry. In Dubai, I was introduced to creating the delicate balance of lemon and garlic for Lebanese Tawook. In Dublin, I discovered while bangers appear to a novice as simply a fried sausage, there was a process of ingredient selection and preparation which determined how the aroma matched the flavor. From ribs in Memphis to any number of grouper dishes in Florida to carne asada in Albuquerque to gyoza dumplings in San Francisco, chefs emphasized the importance of taking complementary flavors and melding them into an outstanding taste experience.

These international collections of informal cooking classes opened a world of methods, spices, herbs and foods. The cooking method of using Flavor Tiers fully developed when I made Cilantro Lime Cornish Hens to replicate a street food I had eaten in Thailand. I realized each step added an additional tier of flavor. Every dish I created after became a conscious experience of understanding how different flavors can be tiered to create an explosion of taste in every dining experience.

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