Serves 1

Rye Old Fashioned

While an Old Fashioned cocktail has be a favorite, it was when I began using Angel’s Envy Rye rather than bourbon that it became a regular. The smoothness of the Angel’s Envy Rye along with its hint of maple sweetness elevates the flavors the Old Fashioned. This recipe eliminates the classic maraschino cherry. Why? Because as a bartender once told me “If you really don’t like the garnish then why are you adding it?” I do not like maraschino cherries so I eliminated it. But feel free to add if you must.

1 t simple syrup
2 dashes Angostura Bitters
2 oz rye bourbon, Angel’s Envy Rye
Orange peel strip

Flavor Tiers 1

Pour the syrup and bitters in a rock glass. Add two cubes of ice and stir to chill.

Flavor Tier 2

Add enough ice to fill glass ½-3/4 full. Pour the rye bourbon over the ice. Twist orange peel over the ice. Stir to chill and release the orange oil.